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handcrafted terracotta tiles
Terracotta Tiles
Terracotta Tiles

Hand made floor and wall glazed terracotta tiles

Terracota Fonte do Bispo is located in the foothills of the Algarve Serra in the clay rich lands of the municipality of Tavira, from where the raw material is obtained, near the village of Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, famous for its ancient handcrafted ceramics.

The terracotta tiles and flooring that we produce - artisenal glazed ceramic - combine the experience and tradition with the extraordinary quality of the glaze complement. Terracotta floors and tiles no longer require maintenance over time, they will always maintain their color and natural beauty.

Nearby, the Roman ruins of Milréu are a secular testimony to the use of clay as an ideal construction and decoration material.

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Color 1 - glazed

Color 1

Green and brown palette with the green being predominant.

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Color 2 - glazed

Color 2

Brown palette with the darker tones being predominant.

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Color 3 - glazed

Color 3

Uniform brown color

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Color 4 - glazed

Color 4

Brown palette with the lighter tones being predominant.

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